Implicit solution is a personal development program designed to change unconscious bias in the mind. Our guiding principle is the belief that we can re­train, or hack, our unconscious minds to remove biases that are harmful to us and others. How? With games, visualizations and simulations, rather than lectures, text heavy workbooks and awkward conversations. How do you talk to the unconscious? By speaking it’s language.

With our online program, users can test, examine and correct their own biases, privately and without the stigma, anxiety, and fear of judgment often associated with traditional talk and lecture methods. By using games and exercises, our program is motivating and fun. Users can re­test to measure changes in their personal bias. You will know if it’s working.

Scientists, corporations, government institutions and non­profit organizations across the country are increasingly aware of implicit bias and how it negatively affects our thinking and behavior. The time has come for a solution to the problem of implicit bias. Implicit Solution.

Implicit Solution, Inc. is a Delaware corporation based in the Washington, DC area. We are very small but very excited about our program and very hopeful for the future.